Established 1996 read our story...

Having sold everything they owned Jan Baetz and Dolf, her husband, had spent seven years aboard a yacht attempting to complete a circumnavigation of the world when Dolf passed away unexpectedly on the vessel in Malaysia; regrettably Jan had been visiting their family in Australia at the time. When she returned to Malaysia Jan found that her floating home had been stripped of everything of any value, both personal and functional.

In 1995 Jan was forced to sell what was left of the vessel as scrap for a very modest sum and returned home to Australia. Now, close to broke Jan had to find some form of income,
so, because of the problems and frustrations she and Dolf had encountered with the erratic delivery of their mail by a family member whilst they had travelled, Jan decided upon providing a mail-forwarding service for travellers on-the-move with no fixed address.

And so, in January 1996 after winning a federal government grant to help establish her business, Landbase Australia commenced trading from Jan’s home on the Central Coast.

Jan is well-known at Gosford Post Office where for over six years she went twice daily to collect and post huge volumes of mail for her ever-growing band of travelling clients. This took some effort as you can imagine.

In 2002 although sad to say goodbye to the manager and staff at Gosford Post Office Jan began utilising the service provided by the Australia Post Central Coast Business Centre based at Lisarow, from where large quantities of mail are now delivered to and collected from Jan’s home office daily.

2015 and beyond...

In early 1999 Landbase Australia became so busy that Jan realised she required an assistant and on an impulse asked her cleaner Helen if she knew of anyone looking for a clerical/computer position. Surprisingly the answer was an immediate “Yes!” Just the night before Helen’s friend
Jennie Fountain had mentioned that she would so love to have a part time clerical/computer position. Jennie met with Jan the next morning and a 16 year working relationship and friendship was formed.

Jennie assisted Jan with the day to day running of Landbase Australia and worked side by side with her learning every aspect of the smooth running of the Business.

Within only a few short months Jan felt so comfortable with Jennie’s capabilities she started taking mini-breaks which was something she hadn’t been able to do for many years.

Jennie’s presence at Landbase Australia allowed Jan not only to take holidays and attend family celebrations, most importantly it freed Jan of any and all worries about the running of Landbase Australia in 2007 when her mother suddenly took ill. Jan was able to spend all day and every day with her mother during her blessedly short illness which culminated in her death four weeks later.

Despite offers on four separate occasions to buy Landbase Australia Jan always refused as she felt no one but she or Jennie could run Landbase Australia with the same dedication clients were used to. In fact Jan was so convicted about the high standard of Jennie’s commitment to running Landbase Australia, in the event of her death, she had Willed the Business to Jennie (without her knowledge)

When Jan turned 70 in April 2014 Jennie asked Jan when she might retire and Jan replied that as long as she was fit and well she’d continue as things were. Jennie commented that she wished she had the money to buy Landbase Australia so Jan could retire.

Little did they both realise that in September that same year Jennie’s financial circumstances would change dramatically and she was then able to approach Jan to buy Landbase Australia. Jan was delighted that after 19 years of trading her “Baby”, Landbase Australia would after all be going to her long-time colleague and friend.

On 31st December 2014 the changeover took place. Jennie commenced trading as the new owner of Landbase Australia on 5th January 2015 exactly 19 years to the day since Landbase Australia was born.

A miracle indeed!!

2017 and beyond….

Last month, because of our outstanding reputation over the past 22 years of operation Pass The Post (a mail-forwarding service based in Queensland) approached Landbase Australia to purchase their Business.

After considerable negotiation the sale has gone through and we have bought Pass The Post in its entirety. All their clients have embraced the changeover and we welcome them to our Landbase Family. Note that Pass the Post no longer exists.

In view of this exciting expansion my son Lloyd has left his current employment and has joined the team at Landbase Australia to help with the extra workload and ensure the continued smooth operation you are all accustomed to.

We are delighted to include an extract from the terrific letter that Jo wrote to her clients advising them that Landbase Australia has taken over her Business.

Looking forward to a bright and happy future with you all.


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